Aakash and Sinjita got married in India last month, and came to beautiful South Africa for their honeymoon. As a way of remembering this special time in their lives, they had me take a few pictures of the two of them around Cape Town during their stay here. The two of them are honestly two of the kindest people I’ve ever met, and we ended up spending such a lovely evening together exploring two parts of the city they hadn’t had a chance to see yet. We started in the cultural Bo-Kaap where we took some pictures with the colourful houses as our backdrop. We then rode up the Cable car to the top of Table mountain for the sunset. This is always such a spectacular sight and one of my absolute favourite places to be! Sinjita and Aakash, I’m so happy to have met you and trust that our paths will cross again one day – next time hopefully in India!

Aakash & Sinjita01 Aakash & Sinjita02 Aakash & Sinjita03 Aakash & Sinjita04 Aakash & Sinjita05 Aakash & Sinjita06 Aakash & Sinjita07 Aakash & Sinjita08 Aakash & Sinjita09 Aakash & Sinjita10 Aakash & Sinjita11 Aakash & Sinjita12 Aakash & Sinjita13 Aakash & Sinjita14 Aakash & Sinjita15 Aakash & Sinjita16 Aakash & Sinjita17 Aakash & Sinjita18 Aakash & Sinjita19 Aakash & Sinjita20Aakash & Sinjita22Aakash & Sinjita21Aakash & Sinjita23