Alexei and Carmen are two of those people you just can’t help but love from the moment you meet them. They are super easy to get on with and such warm and positive people – what a joy to be asked to photograph their wedding festivities!

Besides just being a genuinely nice guy, Alexei is also a super-brain of note, and as a result he got himself a scholarship into Oxford University (not something many can boast about!). This led to Carmen and Alexei getting “officially” married before their big move to the UK, which was a few months earlier than originally planned. The BIG party that was due to take place at Suikerbossie in Houtbay, however, went ahead as planned and was attended by friends and family from around the world!

It was an incredible celebration filled with lots of sweet moments, heartfelt speeches, amazing food and a dance floor that was packed with smiling happy faces all night. One of the most memorable moments of the day, was when Alexei -backed up by a band he is part of- serenaded his wife in song Mumford-and-sons-style! What a vibe!

Despite the wind not agreeing with us that day, we took some bridal party and couple pics at Llandudno beach and some in the surrounding greenery. These two are super together!

Thank you so much to Monique Mouissie for being an awesome second shooter! I included a number of her images below.

Here’s a little preview of that happy day :)

Carmen & Alexei001 Carmen & Alexei002 Carmen & Alexei003 Carmen & Alexei004 Carmen & Alexei005 Carmen & Alexei006 Carmen & Alexei007 Carmen & Alexei008 Carmen & Alexei009 Carmen & Alexei010 Carmen & Alexei011 Carmen & Alexei012 Carmen & Alexei013 Carmen & Alexei014 Carmen & Alexei015 Carmen & Alexei016 Carmen & Alexei017 Carmen & Alexei018 Carmen & Alexei019 Carmen & Alexei020 Carmen & Alexei021