Lately, I’ve really just been feeling so so blessed with all the wonderful shoots that have been coming my way. Beautiful couples, beautiful light, beautiful locations… How can I even call this work?

Brian and Bridget’s engagement shoot was no exception! I had so much fun with these two! We started at the Waterfront for a slightly more formal look, then went on to signal hill (Flip, that place is GORGEOUS!!) and we finished off for a few sunset shot at Glen beach. We live in a beautiful, beautiful city!

Excited to capture Brian and Bridget’s wedding in April next year!

Brian&Bridget001 Brian&Bridget002 Brian&Bridget003 Brian&Bridget005 Brian&Bridget006 Brian&Bridget007 Brian&Bridget008 Brian&Bridget009 Brian&Bridget010 Brian&Bridget011 Brian&Bridget012 Brian&Bridget013Brian&Bridget016Brian&Bridget015 Brian&Bridget014Brian&Bridget018 Brian&Bridget017 Brian&Bridget019 Brian&Bridget020Brian&Bridget022 Brian&Bridget021 Brian&Bridget023 Brian&Bridget024 Brian&Bridget025 Brian&Bridget026