I enjoyed photographing Arno and Kayleigh’s Noordhoek wedding immensely! These two are so IN LOVE- neither of them could stop smiling from the moment they first saw each other as Kayleigh walked down the isle. That admiration on Arno’s face – priceless! And the pure contentedness on Kayleigh’s – so so beautiful!

As you can imagine, taking photographs of the two of them looking gorgeous together was easy! Warmth and love just radiated from them and towards each other. To say they are cute together would be a massive understatement!

I also loved the role that friends and family played in bringing this wedding together so beautifully, and I LOVED that Kayleigh wore her mom’s wedding dress! The dress maker did such an incredible job at altering it so that it fitted her perfectly. She truly was a stunning, stunning bride!

What an incredible celebration of two such special people! Thank you two so much for asking me to capture these moments! I hope you enjoy your preview below :)

A thousand thank you’s go to the talented Danieka Erasmus for helping me tell the story of this beautiful day through these pictures.

Arno & Kayleigh001 Arno & Kayleigh002 Arno & Kayleigh003 Arno & Kayleigh004 Arno & Kayleigh005 Arno & Kayleigh006 Arno & Kayleigh007 Arno & Kayleigh008 Arno & Kayleigh009 Arno & Kayleigh010 Arno & Kayleigh011 Arno & Kayleigh012 Arno & Kayleigh013 Arno & Kayleigh014 Arno & Kayleigh015 Arno & Kayleigh016 Arno & Kayleigh017 Arno & Kayleigh018 Arno & Kayleigh019 Arno & Kayleigh020 Arno & Kayleigh021 Arno & Kayleigh022 Arno & Kayleigh023 Arno & Kayleigh024 Arno & Kayleigh025 Arno & Kayleigh026 Arno & Kayleigh027 Arno & Kayleigh028 Arno & Kayleigh029 Arno & Kayleigh030 Arno & Kayleigh031 Arno & Kayleigh032 Arno & Kayleigh033 Arno & Kayleigh034 Arno & Kayleigh035 Arno & Kayleigh036 Arno & Kayleigh037 Arno & Kayleigh038 Arno & Kayleigh039 Arno & Kayleigh040 Arno & Kayleigh041 Arno & Kayleigh042 Arno & Kayleigh043 Arno & Kayleigh044 Arno & Kayleigh045 Arno & Kayleigh046 Arno & Kayleigh047 Arno & Kayleigh048 Arno & Kayleigh049 Arno & Kayleigh050 Arno & Kayleigh051 Arno & Kayleigh052 Arno & Kayleigh053 Arno & Kayleigh054 Arno & Kayleigh055