I first met Clarence and Arina when I took their engagement pictures some months ago. Arina is one of those people you just can’t help but love from the moment you meet her – she is warm and bubbly and has the most infectious laughter! I love the way her personality complements that of the quiet and more serious Clarence.

The wedding took place at Houwhoek Inn on one of the wintriest days! Arina got ready at the Wildekrans guesthouse surrounded by her entourage, including the cutest flowergirls and ring bearers. My camera couldn’t stay away from them!

A memorable moment was witnessing the emotion with which Clarence and Arina said their vows. Arina looked so beautiful, even with tears rolling down her face!

You would never tell from the pictures how cold they must’ve gotten during their couple shoot- Well done for braving the icy weather, guys! The fireplace was appropriately lit inside the reception venue and guests joyfully welcomed the new Mr and Mrs Davies!

Below are a few of my favourite images from the day. A huge thank you to Wilma Kotze for second shooting beautifully once again :)

Clarence & Arina001 Clarence & Arina002 Clarence & Arina003 Clarence & Arina004 Clarence & Arina005 Clarence & Arina006 Clarence & Arina007 Clarence & Arina008 Clarence & Arina009 Clarence & Arina010 Clarence & Arina011 Clarence & Arina012 Clarence & Arina013 Clarence & Arina014 Clarence & Arina015 Clarence & Arina016 Clarence & Arina017 Clarence & Arina018 Clarence & Arina019 Clarence & Arina020 Clarence & Arina021 Clarence & Arina022 Clarence & Arina023 Clarence & Arina024 Clarence & Arina025 Clarence & Arina026 Clarence & Arina027 Clarence & Arina028 Clarence & Arina029 Clarence & Arina030 Clarence & Arina031 Clarence & Arina032 Clarence & Arina033 Clarence & Arina034 Clarence & Arina035 Clarence & Arina036 Clarence & Arina037 Clarence & Arina038 Clarence & Arina039 Clarence & Arina040 Clarence & Arina041 Clarence & Arina042 Clarence & Arina043 Clarence & Arina044 Clarence & Arina045 Clarence & Arina046 Clarence & Arina047 Clarence & Arina048 Clarence & Arina049 Clarence & Arina050 Clarence & Arina051 Clarence & Arina052 Clarence & Arina053 Clarence & Arina054 Clarence & Arina055 Clarence & Arina056 Clarence & Arina057 Clarence & Arina058 Clarence & Arina059 Clarence & Arina060 Clarence & Arina061 Clarence & Arina062 Clarence & Arina063 Clarence & Arina064 Clarence & Arina065 Clarence & Arina066 Clarence & Arina067 Clarence & Arina068 Clarence & Arina069