There is so much to say about this wedding, and quite frankly I don’t know where to start! Claire and I arrived at the Coral Divers Base Camp on the Friday afternoon as photographers, and by the time we left on the Sunday morning, we felt like we’d been guests at a most special wedding.

David and Láura live and work at Coral Divers, and so it was most suitable that they should show all of their friends and family a piece of their world by having their wedding there. In fact, it was as much of a holiday for the guests as it was a wedding! We were all given the chance to go scuba diving on the Saturday – what an absolutely surreal experience!

Though the wedding lasted four days, the ceremony took place on the Friday down at the beach. I loved the very relaxed feel of the celebration! No shoes allowed at the ceremony, and even Laura arrived bare foot! (Good thing though, as halfway through the ceremony the tide came up and pretty much everyone was ankle-deep in water after that!).

We took some pictures of David and Laura as the sun set and I cannot say how beautiful it was! Of course the fact that David and Laura are absolutely super gorgeous made our job quite easy :) As we had the whole next day open to us, we managed to take a few more pictures of these beauties the next day, and we LOVED it!

The reception was also a serious vibe, but I think I’ll rather let the pictures do the rest of the talking!

I can’t thank Claire Gunn enough for joining me on our Sodwana Bay adventure. As always, I’ve included many of her gorgeous photographs below!

David & Laura001 David & Laura002 David & Laura003 David & Laura004 David & Laura005 David & Laura006 David & Laura007 David & Laura008 David & Laura009 David & Laura010 David & Laura011 David & Laura012 David & Laura013 David & Laura014 David & Laura015 David & Laura016 David & Laura017 David & Laura018 David & Laura019 David & Laura020 David & Laura021 David & Laura022 David & Laura023 David & Laura024 David & Laura025