Some time back, my very talented friend Claire Gunn and I used to second shoot for each other on quite a regular basis.  I believe firmly in using second shooters as I really feel they have added so much value to the final product I have given my clients. As the main photographer, there is a certain amount of pressure on you to catch “all the important stuff”. This means that my second shooter sometimes gets to photograph in a slightly more documentary way, often catching some of the most precious, honest and raw moments.

I have decided to post a small selection of pictures from one of the weddings where I second shot for Claire. I got to be the one with the long lens, standing far away, hiding in the bushes. It’s such a different perspective to have, and a somewhat refreshing one. I hope to keep taking on this role for other photographers every now and then… I really feel there is so much we can learn from other photographers!

Thanks Claire for letting me post some images! I have learnt so much from you over the years and have loved working with you!

*Sidenote- Claire no longer does weddings, but she is one AMAZING food photographer. Go check her blog out here.

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