Aaaaah Home, let me go home… Home is wherever I’m with you (whistle, whistle la la la)

That’s the melody that comes to mind when I think of Drew and Ashanti’s wedding… Not only because the lovely couple sang this at the reception, but because it so perfectly describes the happy and relaxed feel of the wedding. It really felt like a bunch of friends getting together at someone’s home, having one super fun party. And this so reflects Drew and Ashanti’s chilled personalities!

I’ve known Ash for quite a few years now and feel proud to call her a good friend! So as you can imagine, this wedding was a special one for me! Capturing her getting married, before God and friends and family to her best friend was such an honour!

I collaborated with another one of Ashanti’s close friends Kate McLuckie (who was also a bridesmaid on the day) and just so happens to be a rather talented photographer :) I have included a whole bunch of her lovely pics below to tell a richer story of the day :)

A few things I absolutely loved about the wedding:

* All the beautiful little Ashanti-esque details – Wreaths hanging from the ceiling, flower crowns, bunting, home made bow ties and and a gorgeous dress that Ashanti pretty much DIYed herself. The clever girl.
* The way this wedding came together as the result of such a labour of love. Truly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen bridesmaids be this dedicated (Maybe I’m also a little biased cause they are my friends).
* The awesome rustic venue where the reception was held. The vintage bicycles on the ceiling and the pitch forks on the wall were not part of the décor – they actually come like that with the venue (which happens to be one of their friends’ house)
* The hilarious MC’s (of Derick Watts fame) who somehow managed to spontaneously entertain us all despite being notified of their role 2 hours before the reception (A fact they were not shy to mention six or seven times…)
* Yummy Gourmet burgers
* The crazy first dance
* The Kifness mixing it up on the dance floor
* Lots of laughter and happy faces

Thanks for trusting us to document your day, dearest Ashanti and Drew. So much love for you!!

Hope you enjoy the pics! x x

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