THIS WEDDING! Oh, how I loved every little bit of it! If I could sum it up in one word it would definitely be JOY! It truly was a most joyful occasion in every way! Firstly, the bride and groom just beamed with love for each other, smiles a permanent feature on both of their faces. Then there were the happy wedding guests- Plenty of laughter throughout the day! I loved that Ed and Jen requested that instead of being welcomed into the reception stiffly, everyone should get up and dance and have one big welcoming party. And that is exactly what happened… EVERYONE in the room got up and danced their heart out as the bridal couple entered… What absolute fun!

The location couldn’t have been more perfect- Matjiesdrift remains one of my favourite wedding locations. I especially love that little chapel on the hill with it’s rustic walls and moody light! They also managed to pick the most suitable time of the year imaginable. Just driving through the roads in the overberg area, I had to stop to get out of my car and just sigh at the beautiful creation around me. Yellow canola fields as far as the eye can see.

Now combine wide open canola field and the happiest couple and of course you get glorious images. How blessed are we to have been invited to capture some of that beauty!!

What stood out most, however, was how this couple really didn’t want to make this weding about them. It would have been impossible to be at this wedding and miss the fact that at the centre of this wedding, and of their future lives together, is Jesus.

A MASSIVE thank you goes to my newfound friend Kristi Agier who second shot for me for this happy occasion. She is one of the most creative people I have come across so as you can imagine I used plenty of her gorgeous images below :)

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