There are seasons for everything, and the last three years I have decided to pour my energy into capturing weddings in the best way I could. This meant temporarily saying no to some other things, such as lifestyle shoots. And so it has been almost three years since I last did a family shoot.

I recently became a mom and I am more convinced than ever that family is such a precious, precious thing. The love I feel when I look at my son is something else… And every time I see a picture of myself with him, my heart melts. That love is something I want to capture for other people.

And so, here are a few favourites from my first family shoot of the season with Sisanda, Zwai and their gorgeous daughter Thato. They have since welcomed another gorgeous daughter to this world!

sisanda01 sisanda02 sisanda03 sisanda04sisanda06 sisanda05sisanda07 sisanda08 sisanda09 sisanda10 sisanda11 sisanda12 sisanda13 sisanda14 sisanda15 sisanda16 sisanda17 sisanda18 sisanda19 sisanda20 sisanda21