One thing I don’t intend to ever stop doing, is to occasionally play the role of the “second shooter” for other photographers. I really love observing how other photographers work, and always feel that I can learn so much from them. For this wedding, I assisted my talented friend Danieka from “the Picturist”. She has such a natural and documentary style of shooting which I absolutely love! She has second shot for me often too, and there have been so many moments where I’ve been so in awe of her shots and wished I had taken them myself!

For this wedding, I joined her on a little road trip to Stanford. The wedding took place at “Beloftebos” which will always remain one of my favourite favourite venues! There is such an expanse of OPEN SPACE far and wide, and that, paired with April’s magical soft light, and the cutest, most natural couple (and a ridiculously pretty dress!) made for the most sensational combination. I was oohing and aahing for the duration of the ENTIRE couple shoot. There was just no way I could not share a few of my pics! Thanks sweet Danieka, for letting me join you on this fun little trip! You can view a fuller set of images from the whole wedding over on her blog over here.

Beloftebos Wedding001Beloftebos Wedding003Beloftebos Wedding005Beloftebos Wedding004Beloftebos Wedding006Beloftebos Wedding007Beloftebos Wedding008Beloftebos Wedding009Beloftebos Wedding011Beloftebos Wedding012Beloftebos Wedding010Beloftebos Wedding013Beloftebos Wedding014Beloftebos Wedding0162015-06-05_0030Beloftebos Wedding019Beloftebos Wedding020Beloftebos Wedding021Beloftebos Wedding022Beloftebos Wedding023Beloftebos Wedding024Beloftebos Wedding025Beloftebos Wedding026Beloftebos Wedding027