“I’ll do it later, when I have time.”

When I have time“.

Ja, right.

The truth is, with this mentality, I will only ever do what is URGENT. And those things that are actually IMPORTANT rather than urgent, will always be left for “later”.

I am a dreamer. Every few months I come up with a new grand idea of something that I want to pursue. In that moment, my heart beats fast with excitement and I cannot wait to make my dream a reality. Dreams that keep me awake at night with wondrous excitement. And then comes the morning. Back to routine. Back to urgent. And all my marvellous ideas get stored up in that little “for later” compartment at the back of my brain.

Well quite frankly, it’s getting a little stuffy in there.

If I don’t MAKE TIME there will never BE TIME.

Dreams will only ever stay dreams if I don’t do something. And doing something requires commitment and sometimes even sacrifice. And letting the urgent wait for later. Ouch.

So in my first step of action, this is me making myself vulnerable to the world. Telling you that I have dreams. There are many and I cannot pursue them all at once, but I’ve said it out loud now, so if I’m inactive, you have my permission to kick my butt.

I’ll start with sharing one of my dreams that is directly photography-related. I dream of creating images that go beyond the scope of photography and start to delve into the realms of “fine art”. Images that tell stories of other places.

Recently, my photographer buddy Wilma and I got together to make an attempt at kindling that fire. It was just us, our cameras and a really cool room. We didn’t have any specific images in our minds, only vague thoughts. We just played. And here’s what transpired.

wilma1 wilma2 wilma3 wilma4 wilma5 wilma6