Woweeeee, were we in for a treat photographing this gorgeous wedding! There was so much beauty to capture, so many lovely details and such a gorgeous bride who was up for anything! My fantastic second shooter for the day Claire Gunn and myself had such a blast capturing the day unfold. The setting was Nitida Wine estate, a stunning Durbanville venue complete with vineyards, trees, mountains and a beautiful dam. The reception area was decorated so beautifully and I was especially excited about the amount of romantic light that was present (fairylights + candles + chandeliers = photographer’s dream!). This, combined with a bunch a spirited people, made for such a warm and joyous atmosphere!

A definite highlight was James’s heartfelt speech. He is not a man of many words, but when he spoke, all listened intently! I’m sure he managed to well up plenty of tears amongst the guests!

A big thank you goes to Claire who I can always trust to provide me with fantastic images – many of the pictures below were taken by her.

James and Caitlin, I hope you enjoy re-living your happy day as you view these images- We had SO much fun taking them!

James & Caitlin001 James & Caitlin002 James & Caitlin003 James & Caitlin004 James & Caitlin005 James & Caitlin006 James & Caitlin007 James & Caitlin008 James & Caitlin009 James & Caitlin010 James & Caitlin011 James & Caitlin012 James & Caitlin013 James & Caitlin014 James & Caitlin015 James & Caitlin016 James & Caitlin017 James & Caitlin018 James & Caitlin019 James & Caitlin020 James & Caitlin021 James & Caitlin022 James & Caitlin023 James & Caitlin024 James & Caitlin025 James & Caitlin026 James & Caitlin027 James & Caitlin028 James & Caitlin029