Jean and Amanda got married at Eensgezindt in Durbanville on a very chilly winter’s day in July (You would never know this looking at the pictures).  Many friends and family members bore witness as this greatly in love couple vowed to love each other forever. They had a massive bridal party, which is evidence to the importance they place on the role of friendship in their lives. (And that was only a small fraction of all the friends present!). I’m so grateful they were willing to brave the cold for some photos outside! I love the wide open spaces surrounding Eensgezindt. The reception that followed was such a happy celebration of these two lovely people!

A huge thank you to Kath Chen who was a fantastic second shooter on the day. I’ve included quite a number of her pictures in the selection below.

Jean&Amanda002Jean&Amanda005 Jean&Amanda004 Jean&Amanda007 Jean&Amanda009 Jean&Amanda010 Jean&Amanda012Jean&Amanda015 Jean&Amanda013 Jean&Amanda014 Jean&Amanda016 Jean&Amanda017 Jean&Amanda018 Jean&Amanda019 Jean&Amanda020 Jean&Amanda021 Jean&Amanda022Jean&Amanda008 Jean&Amanda023 Jean&Amanda024 Jean&Amanda025Jean&Amanda028AmandaJean&Amanda026Jean&Amanda027Jean&Amanda029Jean&Amanda030 Jean&Amanda031 Jean&Amanda032 Jean&Amanda033 Jean&Amanda035 Jean&Amanda035b Jean&Amanda035c Jean&Amanda036 Jean&Amanda038 Jean&Amanda040 Jean&Amanda041 Jean&Amanda042 Jean&Amanda043 Jean&Amanda044 Jean&Amanda045 Jean&Amanda046 Jean&Amanda047 Jean&Amanda048 Jean&Amanda049 Jean&Amanda050 Jean&Amanda051 Jean&Amanda052 Jean&Amanda053 Jean&Amanda054 Jean&Amanda055 Jean&Amanda056 Jean&Amanda057 Jean&Amanda058 Jean&Amanda059 Jean&Amanda060 Jean&Amanda061 Jean&Amanda062 Jean&Amanda063 Jean&Amanda064 Jean&Amanda065 Jean&Amanda066 Jean&Amanda067 Jean&Amanda068 Jean&Amanda069 Jean&Amanda070 Jean&Amanda071 Jean&Amanda072 Jean&Amanda073 Jean&Amanda074 Jean&Amanda075 Jean&Amanda076 Jean&Amanda077 Jean&Amanda078 Jean&Amanda079 Jean&Amanda080 Jean&Amanda081 Jean&Amanda082 Jean&Amanda084 Jean&Amanda085 Jean&Amanda086 Jean&Amanda087 Jean&Amanda088 Jean&Amanda089 Jean&Amanda090 Jean&Amanda091 Jean&Amanda092 Jean&Amanda093 Jean&Amanda094 Jean&Amanda095 Jean&Amanda096 Jean&Amanda097 Jean&Amanda098 Jean&Amanda099 Jean&Amanda99b Jean&Amanda99c Jean&Amanda100 Jean&Amanda101 Jean&Amanda103 Jean&Amanda105 Jean&Amanda106 Jean&Amanda107 Jean&Amanda108 Jean&Amanda109 Jean&Amanda110 Jean&Amanda111 Jean&Amanda112 Jean&Amanda113 Jean&Amanda114 Jean&Amanda115 Jean&Amanda116 Jean&Amanda117 Jean&Amanda118 Jean&Amanda119 Jean&Amanda120 Jean&Amanda121