Karl and Amy got married at the lovely Matjiesdrift near Greyton, which after shooting there a number of times, is still one of our absolute favourite wedding venues (See pictures below and you’ll see why!).

Amy is one of the most organised people you will ever meet, so as you can imagine everything was planned to the tee, which helped make the day run as smooth as can be.

They chose to go with a very earthy and natural theme to match the rustic venue, and we just loved her beautiful dress with it’s big bow on the back, which complemented her soft and classic look.

The two of them are so beautiful together, and their deep love for each other was definitely evident! Capturing a glimpse of that love was such a joy!

From the little time that we were privileged to spend with them over the last few months, it became so clear that these two have their foundations built on solid ground and that Jesus will be central in their marriage.

Much love to you both! Hope you enjoy your pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them! x

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