I’ve been following the incredible work of the photo-duo Skillie and Tehillah, who make up “Kikitography” for a while now, and their work never seizes to blow my mind. Like for real, go check out their work right now (Or maybe after  you’ve finished reading this).

When I heard that they were going to run a workshop in Cape Town, I simply had to go. I so see the value in education, but still find it hard to actually take that step of investing in it for myself though (Over say, a brand new piece of equipment, for example). After umming and aahing about it for a few weeks, I finally decided to go for it. I knew that I would be reaaaaally bummed if I missed it. I managed to secure the last seat. Phew.

It was totally worth it.

Having just come out of a hectic twelve-weddings-in-ten-weeks run, (And the editing backlog that is inevitable as a result) a two day break was just what I needed. I left feeling refreshed and newly inspired.

Skillie and Tehillah really went all out to make sure we had a rich experience over those two days. I was so inspired by their generosity and approachability. One thing they did was to organise a rad styled shoot to illustrate all the points they were making in theory, in practice. This included the most beautiful decor and a beautiful hipster couple, both ever so brilliantly styled by Kraak. What a treat!

PS. Creative hipster couples, please feel free to come my way!

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