It will be hard to find words to describe this wedding to you. Amazing and incredible are two that come to mind, but quite honestly neither do justice. I just loved it so much.

Let me start with the reason this wedding even happened… The wonderful Nick & Suzie. They are two of the loveliest, most genuine people you will ever meet, and oh my, how they love each other! I freely admit that I teared up more than once during this wedding, and again whilst going through the pictures when editing! What a joy to be able to re-live this beautiful day that way – I must have the best job ever!

Further highlights were:

The speeches. I was so impressed by every single one of them! I also loved that one of Nick’s best men who could not be there due to distance, made a special speech by video.
The people. What a vibe! From the moment we entered that reception hall, there was just non-stop laughter and cheering. (We also happened to be sitting next to “that loud table”)
The music. Two of their friends played an instrumental piece as the bride entered the room, and in the evening they had set up a little “open mic” for their talented friends to contribute. All that plus a brilliant live jazz band – what a treat!
The food. Oh my gosh!
The venue (Diamant Estate) and the decor (by Sitting Pretty) were some of the loveliest I have ever seen.
The light. Completely breathtaking! (see couple pics below).

Let’s let the pictures do the talking for the rest! Thank you so much Nick and Suzie for trusting me to take your wedding pictures. Lucky me!

A big thank you also goes to the most lovely Jana Enslin who second shot for me. Thanks for being such a wonderful photo-companion! :)

Nick & Suzie001 Nick & Suzie002 Nick & Suzie003 Nick & Suzie004 Nick & Suzie005 Nick & Suzie006 Nick & Suzie007 Nick & Suzie008 Nick & Suzie009 Nick & Suzie010 Nick & Suzie011 Nick & Suzie012 Nick & Suzie013 Nick & Suzie014 Nick & Suzie015 Nick & Suzie016 Nick & Suzie017 Nick & Suzie018 Nick & Suzie019 Nick & Suzie020 Nick & Suzie021 Nick & Suzie022 Nick & Suzie023 Nick & Suzie024 Nick & Suzie025 Nick & Suzie026 Nick & Suzie027 Nick & Suzie028 Nick & Suzie029 Nick & Suzie030 Nick & Suzie031 Nick & Suzie032 Nick & Suzie033 Nick & Suzie034 Nick & Suzie035 Nick & Suzie036 Nick & Suzie037 Nick & Suzie038 Nick & Suzie039 Nick & Suzie040 Nick & Suzie041 Nick & Suzie042 Nick & Suzie043 Nick & Suzie044 Nick & Suzie045 Nick & Suzie046 Nick & Suzie047 Nick & Suzie048 Nick & Suzie049 Nick & Suzie050 Nick & Suzie051 Nick & Suzie052 Nick & Suzie053 Nick & Suzie054 Nick & Suzie055 Nick & Suzie056 Nick & Suzie057 Nick & Suzie058 Nick & Suzie059 Nick & Suzie060 Nick & Suzie061