This is a special one for me to share. Why? Well because I have known Richard and Ashleigh for a while now… Not only that, but they are good friends. Oh and hold on, they are also related to me! Richard is my husband’s brother and I’m so glad that I now get to call Ashleigh a sister :)

It was really fun being part of this wedding from so many different perspectives – I got to join the en-masse origami crane folding sessions before the big day, laugh and dance with the guests and then of course also capture lots of happy moments throughout the day!

It was such a joyful day! Relaxed and happy in perfect Richard-and-Ashleigh style! Rich and Ash, I really value you two as both family and friends. I hope you enjoy reliving the special moments of your wedding day through some of these pictures!

An extra huge thank you must go to Danieka Erasmus for second shooting for me! On various occasions in the day I put down my camera to be a guest while she soldiered on capturing the day. I have included quite a few of her pictures in the selection below.

x x x

Rich&Ash001 Rich&Ash002 Rich&Ash003 Rich&Ash004 Rich&Ash005 Rich&Ash006 Rich&Ash007 Rich&Ash008 Rich&Ash009 Rich&Ash010 Rich&Ash011 Rich&Ash012 Rich&Ash013 Rich&Ash014 Rich&Ash015 Rich&Ash016Rich&Ash017Rich&Ash019keep-459Rich&Ash021 Rich&Ash022Rich&Ash024 Rich&Ash023Rich&Ash025 Rich&Ash026 Rich&Ash027 Rich&Ash028Rich&Ash030 Rich&Ash031 Rich&Ash032 Rich&Ash033

So sweet, Ashleigh’s nephew Sebastian walked her down the aisle :)


And then just before Ashleigh was about to enter, she realised she didn’t have her veil over her face!

Rich&Ash036 Rich&Ash037 Rich&Ash038 Rich&Ash039 Rich&Ash040 Rich&Ash041 Rich&Ash042 Rich&Ash043 Rich&Ash044 Rich&Ash045 Rich&Ash046 Rich&Ash047 Rich&Ash048 Rich&Ash049 Rich&Ash050 Rich&Ash051 Rich&Ash052 Rich&Ash053 Rich&Ash054 Rich&Ash055 Rich&Ash056 Rich&Ash057 Rich&Ash060 Rich&Ash059Rich&Ash061 Rich&Ash062Rich&Ash064 Rich&Ash063  Rich&Ash065Rich&Ash067 Rich&Ash066Rich&Ash068

While I was taking this picture of the ladies…


…this is what the boys were getting up to! Thanks Danieka for capturing this great shot :)

Rich&Ash070 Rich&Ash071 Rich&Ash072 Rich&Ash073Rich&Ash073bRich&Ash076Rich&Ash075Rich&Ash077 Rich&Ash078 Rich&Ash079 Rich&Ash080 Rich&Ash081 Rich&Ash082 Rich&Ash083 Rich&Ash084 Rich&Ash085 Rich&Ash086Rich&Ash087 Rich&Ash088 Rich&Ash089 Rich&Ash090 Rich&Ash091 Rich&Ash092 Rich&Ash093 Rich&Ash094 Rich&Ash095 Rich&Ash096 Rich&Ash097 Rich&Ash098 Rich&Ash099Rich&Ash102 Rich&Ash100Rich&Ash103 Rich&Ash104 Rich&Ash105 Rich&Ash106 Rich&Ash107 Rich&Ash108 Rich&Ash109 Rich&Ash110 Rich&Ash111 Rich&Ash112 Rich&Ash113