When two cultures come together in a celebration of love, something very special happens.

This wedding was the perfect example of that.

Though her father is scottish, Stacey grew up in South Africa and speaks fluent Afrikaans. Stuart is as Scottish as it gets. The wedding, as a result, was filled to the brim with fun touches from both of these cultures.

The wedding was held at De Hoop Nature Reserve, where Zebras, buck and Ostriches roam freely. Tables were decorated with beautiful fynbos and proteas formed part of the bouquet. Dinner was a traditional South African braai.

The Scottish part was weaved in just as beautifully. Men wore kilts, bagpipes were played and Scottish dancing was enjoyed by all.

More than that, what I’ll remember of this wedding, is the immense amount of deep affection shared by all who attended. Stuart and Stacey are clearly two very loved people. The length and amount of  hugs they were given and the heartfelt speeches were testament to this. Another sign, was the way this wedding clearly came together as beautifully as it did, as a direct result of a labour of love. Friends helped in just about every aspect of this wedding – the food, the wine, the dress, the decor, the make up, the stationary… All were gifts from friends and family.

And clearly that is only a reflection of the way they themselves show love! Not only to others but also to each other. It was so evident that they are just crazy about each other- what a very sweet thing to capture! Thank you Stu and Stacey for giving us the priviledge!

A huge, massive thank you also to my amazing friend Claire Gunn who joined me on the bumpy four hour drive to document the day with me, and as always took so many beautiful photographs, many of which are included below.

Stuart & Stacey010 Stuart & Stacey011 Stuart & Stacey012 Stuart & Stacey013 Stuart & Stacey014 Stuart & Stacey015 Stuart & Stacey016 Stuart & Stacey017 Stuart & Stacey018 Stuart & Stacey019 Stuart & Stacey020 Stuart & Stacey021 Stuart & Stacey022 Stuart & Stacey023 Stuart & Stacey024 Stuart & Stacey025 Stuart & Stacey026 Stuart & Stacey027 Stuart & Stacey028 Stuart & Stacey029 Stuart & Stacey030 Stuart & Stacey031 Stuart & Stacey032 Stuart & Stacey033 Stuart & Stacey034 Stuart & Stacey035 Stuart & Stacey036 Stuart & Stacey037 Stuart & Stacey038