I first met Theo & Nwabisa at the beginning of last year when I did a fun couple shoot with them at the train station. I loved how they were up for anything, and by the end of the shoot they felt like old friends. Not long thereafter the happy couple got engaged, and asked if I would photograph their wedding. Of course I was keen! There was, however, one small problem: Their wedding was going to take place on the South Coast, and I already had weddings scheduled in Cape Town for two consecutive days after their proposed date.

I was flattered when Nwabisa insisted we wait and see if there would be a flight that would make it possible for me to return in time for that second wedding the next day. After months of backing-and-forthing and checking for updated flights, we eventually found one that would work, and booked immediately.

Well, I’m glad it all worked out- It was such a memorable experience being a part of this wedding! I was particularly blessed to see how central God was at this wedding, and I really enjoyed the role their friends and family played in making it a special day. They say that you can judge someone’s character by the people they surround themselves with, and if this is indeed true, Theo & Nwabisa are two very special people. I was so impressed by the dedication of the bridesmaids, the meaningful speeches, poem recitals and song dedications. And the fact that around 50 friends drove up from Cape Town to attend the wedding. Theo and Nwabisa are clearly well-loved!

I also enjoyed taking some couple photos of these two once again – They are so natural and content together!

I hope you enjoy viewing the selection :)

Theo & Nwabisa001 Theo & Nwabisa002 Theo & Nwabisa003 Theo & Nwabisa004 Theo & Nwabisa005 Theo & Nwabisa006 Theo & Nwabisa007 Theo & Nwabisa008 Theo & Nwabisa009 Theo & Nwabisa010 Theo & Nwabisa011 Theo & Nwabisa012 Theo & Nwabisa013 Theo & Nwabisa014 Theo & Nwabisa015 Theo & Nwabisa016 Theo & Nwabisa017 Theo & Nwabisa018 Theo & Nwabisa019 Theo & Nwabisa020 Theo & Nwabisa021 Theo & Nwabisa022 Theo & Nwabisa023