Sigh. This shoot was a special one. In fact, I feel like it was so much more than just a shoot. I had never met Brian and Taytum before they booked me to shoot their wedding, yet by the end of our West Coast adventure, they felt like old friends. We spent much of the drive in such good conversation that I had almost forgotten that we had driven there to take pictures. This softened the blow a little when we arrived at the West Coast after 1.5 hours of driving, only to find that due to the stormy weather all the flowers had closed! We quickly invented a plan B and ended up shooting in the dunes instead. I soon learned that we literally could’ve shot anywhere, because what these two have is something beautiful and lasting and the outer environment couldn’t have taken that away no matter what. I focused in on capturing that beautiful connection which they share, and I love the result.

IMG_9124Brian&Taytum01 Brian&Taytum02 Brian&Taytum03 Brian&Taytum05Brian&Taytum08Brian&Taytum06 Brian&Taytum09Brian&Taytum10 Brian&Taytum11 Brian&Taytum13 Brian&Taytum14 Brian&Taytum16 Brian&Taytum17Brian&Taytum20 Brian&Taytum18Brian&Taytum19 Brian&Taytum21 Brian&Taytum22Brian&Taytum31 Brian&Taytum24 Brian&Taytum25 Brian&Taytum26 Brian&Taytum29Brian&Taytum28Brian&Taytum30Brian&Taytum27 Brian&Taytum32 Brian&Taytum34Brian&Taytum33 Brian&Taytum35 Brian&Taytum36 Brian&Taytum38 Brian&Taytum39