Well firstly, I am so glad you asked. There are SO many factors that effect what the outcome of your pictures will be like, and wardrobe is definitely one of them! Here are some little suggestions:

1. Choose clothes you feel comfortable in that suit your personality and chosen location (Heels probably won’t work on the mountain!)

2. Textured fabrics or subtle patterns are great, but please avoid big print or bold patterns on clothes as this distracts from your faces.

3. Make sure the two of you don’t clash in what you wear. You don’t have to wear matching clothes or anything, but it works really well if you’re both wearing say earthy colours, or autumn colours or whatever other colour scheme you can think of. Slightly more muted colours tend to work better with my style of photography rather than very bright and poppy ones. Light generally always work well in a summery outdoorsy setting such as a beach. Darker colours work well for a more moody, wintry feel. Try to avoid all black if possible.

4. Accessories work well – If one of you wears a headpiece/hat/beanie for some of the pics, it will add interest (if that’s your vibe, of course). Also scarves, rings, bracelets etc can look great for a few of the pics. Layering works well :)

5. I advise that you wear more Make-up than you would usually. Photography always tones this down a bit so rather go a little bit over rather than under. You might even like to consider popping in at Woolies or Mac and letting them do some Make-up for you. They normally require you buy some products from them in return.