I often get asked for suggestions of locations for engagement and couple shoots, so I thought I’d create a post with some of my favourite spots around Cape Town.

We truly are spoilt for choice around here, and I am only just scratching the surface with these suggestions! And I haven’t even included anything beyond a 30 km radius of central Cape Town! There is so much more beauty in the Winelands/ Overberg region and all along the coast!

Please be advised that the time of year greatly affects vegetation and the direction of the light. And of course weather plays a huge role in the mood of your photos! These pictures are meant to serve as inspiration if you are unsure about your choice of location, but by no means am I suggesting that we try to replicate any of these shots! Let’s create something fresh for YOU!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on where you’d like to have your pictures taken!

Disclaimer: These photos have been taken over a number of years so editing styles may vary from one picture to the next. Please have a look at my most recent shoots to get a good idea of my current style. Also – I’m not posting these in any particular order! I love them ALL for different reasons!

1. The Top of Table Mountain


If you like a bit of drama, and want an epic backdrop for your pictures, then the top of table mountain is a great option for you! It is particularly beautiful up there if there are some clouds!

What you should know about this location:

  • It can be quite bright up there on a cloudless day, so I would only recommend this location in the very last light of the day (ie. Sunset/Twilight).
  • Cablecar costs must be taken into account, as well as possible closures of the cablecar due to unsuitable weather conditions. A back-up plan would be advisable.
  • In tourist season it is buzzing up there, and we may need to dodge some other visitors for our photos.

2. Signal Hill


Signal Hill is an incredibly popular choice for photos, and that is with good reason! It is one of the best spots to get a spectacular view of both Table Mountain and Lion’s Head, and is covered in lots of beautiful fynbos. If you choose more than one location, this is a good one to end with, as it has glorious views of the sunset.

What you should know about this location:

  • Parking can be challenging in the summer.

3. Constantia Nek


If you are hikers, and you are willing to go a little bit of a distance to get amazing pictures, this location is just gorgeous! It is not nearly as crowded as the first two, but the views are equally breathtaking!

What you should know about this location:

  • You will need to wear shoes that are suitable for some clambering on the rocks.
  • We will need more time than usual as the total walking time is an hour long round-trip.

4. One of our many gorgeous beaches


Cape Town has so many beautiful beaches to choose from! The most popular ones for shoots are Llandudno, Glen beach or Noordhoek beach, because they all have beautiful views of the sunset. I don’t ever shoot at the beach only, because similarly to table mountain, it only truly comes alive closer to sunset! So I normally suggest that we do this in combination with another pretty location nearby.

What you need to know about this location:

  • In high season, our beaches can often be crowded, meaning our options may be limited. Parking can also be a challenge.

5. Chapman’s Peak Drive


This is undoubtedly one of Cape Town’s showstopper locations, and definitely a firm personal favourite! My hubby and I often come here just to stare at the ocean! Views of both mountain and sea- how can you go wrong?

What you need to know about this location:

  • Due to rockfalls or stormy weather, the road is sometimes closed. It is advisable to check beforehand if we are able to access the road on the given day.

6. A beautiful forest


If you are nature-lovers, a perfect location for you could be one of our many beautiful forests. Tokai, Newlands, Cecelia and Glen forest are some of the most popular, and if you are willing to walk a bit, you can often also get incredible mountain views from these forests.

7. Silvermine


While you are not permitted to shoot in the actual Silvermine Nature Reserve, (there are literally rangers driving around that will kick you out!), that whole area is so beautiful and there are plenty of spots close-by where you get equally beautiful views. The vegetation up there is also really diverse :)

What you should know about this location:

  • There is no cellphone reception at Silvermine! Make sure you know exactly where to meet or we may have a problem!
  • Gates close at sunset. You will need to park outside one of the gates so you don’t get stuck in the reserve.

8. A cute coffee shop


I always love it if your couple/engagement shoot pictures manage to capture a little glimpse of you as a couple, and if you are the kinds of people who hang out at coffee shops, this might be a good option for you. Cape Town has no shortage of nice coffee shops!

What you need to know about this location:

  • Not every coffee shop will allow you to take pictures there, so it is important to get permission first.

9. Your home


Shooting in the comfort of your home seems to be becoming an increasingly popular choice! If your happy place is your home, then why not have your pictures taken there?

What you need to know about this location:

  • As a natural light photographer, I will always choose good light over a good background. If you have a beautiful lounge, but it is dark and only has artificial light, I will probably opt to shoot in another room instead.

10. Your favourite place or somewhere different


Perhaps you guys have a spot that you just love that is meaningful to you as a couple- a family farm, a green belt where you go trail running, a cute suburb or some other magical spot that you think will be amazing for pictures. I would love to hear your ideas!