If every year of your life represented a chapter in a book, then the title for 2015 would have to be “home”.

While this year has been pretty “normal” in a lot of ways, it has been good to me, both personally and in my work. I feel like I can say that I know myself better than I did a year ago, and that I am more content with who that person is. It has been a year of deepening existing friendships, and a process of re-constructing my faith. We bought our very first home, I travelled internationally for weddings (twice),  shot my first hindu wedding, and booked my first jewish one (which I’m shooting in a few days!), I deactivated my personal Facebook account and got obsessed with listening to podcasts. I climbed mountains, admired many sunsets and went on many coffee dates. Clients became friends, and friends became clients.

I pressed the shutter on my camera close to 100 000 times this past year. Within these frames, I got to capture many memories, and tell some very special stories.

Here’s a selection of some of my favourite shots from this past year.