I’m rather excited to share a few of my favourite shots from Cameron and Mri’s engagement shoot at Newlands forest! It is SO beautiful there right now after all the rain we’ve had, and these two just fitted into the scene like they belonged there. Numerous forest walkers stopped to compliment the beautiful couple! And they were super easy to photograph! All I had to do was click the shutter, they are just that natural! It actually felt like going for a walk in the forest with friends. And then suddenly magic would happen! Again and again. So excited to capture their wedding later this year! x

Mri & Cam00Mri & Cam01 Mri & Cam052018-08-07_00032018-08-07_0002 Mri & Cam6b Mri & Cam06c Mri & Cam06d Mri & Cam06e Mri & Cam08 2018-08-07_0006 Mri & Cam102018-08-06_0045 Mri & Cam12 Mri & Cam13 Mri & Cam14 Mri & Cam15 Mri & Cam16 Mri & Cam18 Mri & Cam192018-08-07_0004 Mri & Cam20 Mri & Cam212018-08-07_00082018-08-07_0007 Mri & Cam22 Mri & Cam24 Mri & Cam25 Mri & Cam28