I can’t say how much I loved shooting this wedding!  It was just such a dream of a wedding for any photographer. The couple- Gorgeous in every way. The light- Always seemed to be just right. The details – Wonderful! And the locations- so so stunning!

Nadia got ready in a little cottage at Roodezand near Tulbagh. I loved the moody feel of the room with the soft light that filtered in through the window. The ceremony took place at a beautiful quaint little church-on-a-hill called Montpellier. After the ceremony, we took a slow drive back to Roodezand and stopped along the way to take pictures at a few pretty spots. I suddenly halted the car when I spotted an orchard of cherry blossoms peaking out between some tall trees in my rear-view mirror. I couldn’t contain my excitement as I’d always dreamed of shooting in an orchard filled with those beautiful plants! They must be one of the most beautiful creations in this little world of ours.

But even more than the pretty light and the wonderful locations, I really just loved that Cilliers and Nadia’s personality came through so strongly in this wedding. They are relaxed and fun-loving and that is exactly what the wedding was! They wanted the reception to feel like a laughter-filled candle-lit dinner party shared with some of their favourite people. And that is exactly what it was. They kept things untraditional – there was not a flower in sight, but lots of pretty greenery instead. I loved that even the bouquet was made up of a few leafy twigs. Lanterns were strung from the ceiling and there was plenty of bunting to go around! I also loved the fact that oversized sparklers were lit and guests surrounded the couple as they shared their first dance.

A really beautiful, beautiful wedding indeed! So grateful to have been given the opportunity to document it!

I am also massively thankful to my second shooter Danieka who took so many breathtaking images. As always, I have included plenty of those below.

Cillier & Nadia001 Cillier & Nadia002 Cillier & Nadia003 Cillier & Nadia004 Cillier & Nadia005 Cillier & Nadia006 Cillier & Nadia007 Cillier & Nadia008 Cillier & Nadia009 Cillier & Nadia010 Cillier & Nadia011 Cillier & Nadia012 Cillier & Nadia013 Cillier & Nadia014 Cillier & Nadia015 Cillier & Nadia016 Cillier & Nadia017 Cillier & Nadia018 Cillier & Nadia019 Cillier & Nadia020 Cillier & Nadia021 Cillier & Nadia022 Cillier & Nadia023 Cillier & Nadia024 Cillier & Nadia025 Cillier & Nadia026 Cillier & Nadia027 Cillier & Nadia028 Cillier & Nadia029 Cillier & Nadia030 Cillier & Nadia031 Cillier & Nadia032 Cillier & Nadia033 Cillier & Nadia034 Cillier & Nadia035 Cillier & Nadia036 Cillier & Nadia037 Cillier & Nadia038 Cillier & Nadia039 Cillier & Nadia040 Cillier & Nadia041 Cillier & Nadia042 Cillier & Nadia043 Cillier & Nadia044 Cillier & Nadia045 Cillier & Nadia046 Cillier & Nadia047 Cillier & Nadia048 Cillier & Nadia049 Cillier & Nadia050 Cillier & Nadia051 Cillier & Nadia052 Cillier & Nadia053 Cillier & Nadia054 Cillier & Nadia055 Cillier & Nadia056 Cillier & Nadia057 Cillier & Nadia058 Cillier & Nadia059 Cillier & Nadia060 Cillier & Nadia061 Cillier & Nadia062 Cillier & Nadia063 Cillier & Nadia064 Cillier & Nadia065 Cillier & Nadia066 Cillier & Nadia067 Cillier & Nadia068 Cillier & Nadia069 Cillier & Nadia070 Cillier & Nadia071 Cillier & Nadia072 Cillier & Nadia073 Cillier & Nadia074 Cillier & Nadia075 Cillier & Nadia75b Cillier & Nadia076 Cillier & Nadia077 Cillier & Nadia078 Cillier & Nadia079 Cillier & Nadia080 Cillier & Nadia081 Cillier & Nadia082 Cillier & Nadia083 Cillier & Nadia084 Cillier & Nadia085 Cillier & Nadia086 Cillier & Nadia087 Cillier & Nadia87b Cillier & Nadia088 Cillier & Nadia089 Cillier & Nadia090 Cillier & Nadia90b Cillier & Nadia091 Cillier & Nadia092 Cillier & Nadia093 Cillier & Nadia094 Cillier & Nadia095 Cillier & Nadia096 Cillier & Nadia097 Cillier & Nadia098 Cillier & Nadia099 Cillier & Nadia100 Cillier & Nadia101 Cillier & Nadia102 Cillier & Nadia103 Cillier & Nadia104 Cillier & Nadia105