Though Dan and Cat live in the UK, they decided to get married in beautiful South Africa, where they have both spent a good amount of time of their lives. The many friends and family who flew down for the special occasion are testament to how loved these two are – and I am not one bit surprised! Cat and Dan are honestly two of the most likable people you could ever meet! They are both incredibly relaxed, sweet, good-natured, have great taste, are seasoned travelers (they are going on a year-long honeymoon around the world!), but mostly, they absolutely adore each other!

With all of these characteristics reflected beautifully in their wedding, I’m sure you can imagine how much fun I must’ve had shooting this one! I think the pictures will do a much better job of telling this beautiful love story :)

Big thanks to Lavonne Bosman for second shooting and catching many fantastic moments! I have included a number of her pictures in the selection below :)

128454b96710111516171819b20212223242526272829303131b323333b3435373839404241434445474849(Sidenote – How utterly gorgeous is Cat’s dress?? SWOOOON!)5152535455565758596061His jaw quite literally dropped when he saw her! Such a timeless moment…62Apparently I wasn’t the only one documenting the day ;)63646566676869707172737475767778792015-03-18_00702015-03-18_00722015-03-18_00732015-03-18_00742015-03-18_00762015-03-18_00792015-03-18_00802015-03-18_00812015-03-18_0081b2015-03-18_0081c2015-03-18_0081d2015-03-18_00822015-03-18_00832015-03-18_00862015-03-18_0086b2015-03-18_00872015-03-18_00902015-03-18_0090b2015-03-18_00932015-03-18_00942015-03-18_00952015-03-18_0095b2015-03-18_00982015-03-18_01012015-03-18_0102b2015-03-18_01032015-03-18_01052015-03-18_0105b2015-03-18_01082015-03-18_01092015-03-18_0109c2015-03-18_01102015-03-18_01112015-03-18_01122015-03-18_01142015-03-18_01152015-03-18_01162015-03-18_01172015-03-18_0117b2015-03-18_01182015-03-18_01192015-03-18_01202015-03-18_0120b2015-03-18_01212015-03-18_01222015-03-18_01232015-03-18_01252015-03-18_0127b2015-03-18_01292015-03-18_01322015-03-18_01342015-03-18_0134b2015-03-18_0134c2015-03-18_01352015-03-18_0135b