Gosh, if you want to see cuteness personified, you’ve got to see little Nate!

I got to snap some pictures of him with his parents at their beautiful home in Diep River when Nate was just one month old. It was so nice to see how proud Sarah and Ryan are of their little treasure! And rightfully so!

Here are a few of my favourite images :)

Nate_newborn16Nate_newborn01 Nate_newborn02 Nate_newborn03 Nate_newborn04 Nate_newborn05 Nate_newborn06 Nate_newborn07 Nate_newborn11Nate_newborn08 Nate_newborn09Nate_newborn13 Nate_newborn10 Nate_newborn12 Nate_newborn14 Nate_newborn15 Nate_newborn17