If this is not what fairytales are made of, then I’m not sure what is!

Elthea and Neil have known each other since they were young. Neil is Elthea’s brother’s best friend and Elthea already had eyes for him when she was a teenager! It was however only many years later that the two re-connected, and now they are married! And I couldn’t have thought up a better match if I tried- Both Elthea and Neil are kind and gentle souls, and they love each other deeply!

This intimate wedding was so lovely to capture! You could really sense the closeness and warmth of these two families, and they welcomed us in so lovingly, making us feel like we were part of the wedding.

Thank you to the dear Keziah Davies for second shooting once again!

Elthea&Neil001 Elthea&Neil002 Elthea&Neil003 Elthea&Neil004 Elthea&Neil005Elthea&Neil007Elthea&Neil006Elthea&Neil008Elthea&Neil011Elthea&Neil009 Elthea&Neil012 Elthea&Neil013 Elthea&Neil014 Elthea&Neil015Elthea&Neil017Elthea&Neil019 Elthea&Neil020 Elthea&Neil021 Elthea&Neil022Elthea&Neil023Elthea&Neil024Elthea&Neil025Elthea&Neil027Elthea&Neil026Elthea&Neil028 Elthea&Neil029 Elthea&Neil030 Elthea&Neil031 Elthea&Neil032 Elthea&Neil033 Elthea&Neil034 Elthea&Neil035 Elthea&Neil036Elthea&Neil037Elthea&Neil038Elthea&Neil040Elthea&Neil039Elthea&Neil041 Elthea&Neil042 Elthea&Neil043 Elthea&Neil044 Elthea&Neil045 Elthea&Neil046 Elthea&Neil047 Elthea&Neil048 Elthea&Neil049 Elthea&Neil050Elthea&Neil051Elthea&Neil052Elthea&Neil053Elthea&Neil055 Elthea&Neil056 Elthea&Neil057 Elthea&Neil058 Elthea&Neil059 Elthea&Neil060 Elthea&Neil061 Elthea&Neil062 Elthea&Neil063 Elthea&Neil064 Elthea&Neil065Elthea&Neil067 Elthea&Neil068 Elthea&Neil069 Elthea&Neil070 Elthea&Neil071 Elthea&Neil072 Elthea&Neil073 Elthea&Neil074 Elthea&Neil075 Elthea&Neil076 Elthea&Neil077 Elthea&Neil078 Elthea&Neil079 Elthea&Neil080 Elthea&Neil081 Elthea&Neil082 Elthea&Neil083 Elthea&Neil084 Elthea&Neil085 Elthea&Neil086 Elthea&Neil087