When I think of all the incredible locations at which I’ve had the chance to take pictures, I am filled with so much gratitude. We live in a beautiful, beautiful world and it is part of my job to spend time exploring it! I couldn’t be luckier! This location, however, has to top the list of amazing locations I’ve shot at.

Adrian and Lindie got married last week and had a fantastic urban wedding (I will definitely share more about that at a later point!). However, they also wanted some wedding pictures in nature, and as there would not have been time to drive far on the wedding day, they decided on a “first-look” a few days before the wedding. Casper Bosman, Lindie’s amazing dress-maker, decided that it would be apt for Lindie to have two dresses made, for the two occasions. Lucky girl!! And oh my gosh, did I say LUCKY photographer?? All the elements played along for the most dramatic photographs – glorious creation, a sky full of clouds and an insane amount of wind! How could one even go wrong in that setting?

I knew that this was going to be a special shoot, and really did not want to mess it up, so I brought my incredibly talented photographer friend Kristi Agier along for back-up. She took some of the most phenomenal shots ever (which I am profoundly jealous of!), so I just had to include some of those in the selection below. Thank you, dear Kristi, for joining me on this adventure and for being so generous with your time!

Adrian & Lindie - Dias01 Adrian & Lindie - Dias02 Adrian & Lindie - Dias03 Adrian & Lindie - Dias04 Adrian & Lindie - Dias05 Adrian & Lindie - Dias06 Adrian & Lindie - Dias07 Adrian & Lindie - Dias08 Adrian & Lindie - Dias09 Adrian & Lindie - Dias10 Adrian & Lindie - Dias11 Adrian & Lindie - Dias12 Adrian & Lindie - Dias13 Adrian & Lindie - Dias14 Adrian & Lindie - Dias15 Adrian & Lindie - Dias16 Adrian & Lindie - Dias17 Adrian & Lindie - Dias18Adrian & Lindie - Dias20 Adrian & Lindie - Dias21Adrian & Lindie - Dias22Adrian & Lindie - Dias232017-09-28_0072Adrian & Lindie - Dias25 Adrian & Lindie - Dias27Adrian & Lindie - Dias28Adrian & Lindie - Dias292017-09-28_0071Adrian & Lindie - Dias32 Adrian & Lindie - Dias33Adrian & Lindie - Dias35 Adrian & Lindie - Dias36 Adrian & Lindie - Dias37 Adrian & Lindie - Dias39Adrian & Lindie - Dias38 Adrian & Lindie - Dias402017-09-28_0073AJ6A1954Adrian & Lindie - Dias44