I have known Anne for almost her whole life (her mom is my beloved Godmother), and so getting to capture her happy day was really special!

Right from the beginning I knew this was going to be an absolute joy to capture, as this family is so close and affectionate. I knew that the special moments would abound!

And she has found the absolute best match in Jürgen! Both of them are so kind-hearted and sweet!

I started taking pictures while Anne was getting ready at her brother and sister-in-law’s house. Thereafter Anne and Jürgen met for a first look and some couple photographs at a meadow around the corner from where she grew up, right on the edge of the black forest.

You should’ve seen Jürgen’s face when his beautiful bride approach her! A moment I will never forget! I too was teary-eyed!

It was a truly beautiful day and I am grateful to have been asked to capture it all!

Anne&Jurgen01 Anne&Jurgen02 Anne&Jurgen05Anne&Jurgen07Anne&Jurgen06 Anne&Jurgen08 Anne&Jurgen09 Anne&Jurgen11Anne&Jurgen15Anne&Jurgen14 Anne&Jurgen16 Anne&Jurgen17 Anne&Jurgen18 Anne&Jurgen19 Anne&Jurgen20 Anne&Jurgen21 Anne&Jurgen22 Anne&Jurgen23 Anne&Jurgen24 Anne&Jurgen25 Anne&Jurgen26 Anne&Jurgen27 Anne&Jurgen28 Anne&Jurgen29 Anne&Jurgen30 Anne&Jurgen31 Anne&Jurgen32 Anne&Jurgen33 Anne&Jurgen34 Anne&Jurgen35 Anne&Jurgen36 Anne&Jurgen37 Anne&Jurgen38 Anne&Jurgen39 Anne&Jurgen40 Anne&Jurgen41 Anne&Jurgen42 Anne&Jurgen43 Anne&Jurgen44 Anne&Jurgen45 Anne&Jurgen46 Anne&Jurgen47 Anne&Jurgen48 Anne&Jurgen49 Anne&Jurgen50 Anne&Jurgen51 Anne&Jurgen52 Anne&Jurgen53 Anne&Jurgen54 Anne&Jurgen55 Anne&Jurgen56 Anne&Jurgen57 Anne&Jurgen58 Anne&Jurgen59 Anne&Jurgen60 Anne&Jurgen61 Anne&Jurgen62 Anne&Jurgen63 Anne&Jurgen64 Anne&Jurgen65 Anne&Jurgen66 Anne&Jurgen67 Anne&Jurgen68 Anne&Jurgen69 Anne&Jurgen70 Anne&Jurgen71 Anne&Jurgen72 Anne&Jurgen73 Anne&Jurgen74 Anne&Jurgen75 Anne&Jurgen76 Anne&Jurgen77 Anne&Jurgen78 Anne&Jurgen79 Anne&Jurgen80 Anne&Jurgen81 Anne&Jurgen82 Anne&Jurgen83 Anne&Jurgen84 Anne&Jurgen85 Anne&Jurgen86 Anne&Jurgen87 Anne&Jurgen88 Anne&Jurgen89 Anne&Jurgen90 Anne&Jurgen91 Anne&Jurgen92 Anne&Jurgen93 Anne&Jurgen94 Anne&Jurgen95 Anne&Jurgen96 Anne&Jurgen97 Anne&Jurgen98 Anne&Jurgen99 Anne&Jurgen100 Anne&Jurgen101 Anne&Jurgen102Anne&Jurgen115Anne&Jurgen103 Anne&Jurgen104 Anne&Jurgen105 Anne&Jurgen106 Anne&Jurgen107 Anne&Jurgen108 Anne&Jurgen109 Anne&Jurgen110 Anne&Jurgen111 Anne&Jurgen112 Anne&Jurgen113 Anne&Jurgen114