Alex and Shannon came to South Africa for their Honeymoon, so they decided to have their wedding pictures taken in this beautiful country. And why would you not take advantage of the breathtaking scenery this country offers?

Unfortunately the weather did not turn out as one would hope, and it was pretty much cold and overcast the whole time they were here! However, a little bit of bad weather was not going to get these two down!! They are the most optimistic and relaxed couple you could imagine!

The limited time in Cape Town meant there was no possibility of a Plan B, so we ventured up Table mountain despite the 8 degree Celsius weather prediction! These two are BRAVE!

But gosh, the frozen limbs were so worth it! We had a short window in which the clouds cleared and the sun peaked out, and it was honestly magical! I wouldn’t have wanted it another way!

We did cut the shoot a lot shorter than planned due to the weather, but as it turned out we were all going to be on the Garden Route at exactly the same time later that week! So we took some more pictures in the incredibly picturesque Nature’s Valley. It was perfect.


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