Chad and Amy are getting married in December, and I’m so delighted that I get to capture the happy day! I had the opportunity of getting to know them last week as I captured them doing some of the things they might otherwise be doing on a Tuesday evening. They hosted me with a cup of tea like any other guest, shared stories as they cuddled on the couch, and I even ended up joining them for a round of Bananagrams! Looking through the images afterwards, I couldn’t contain the smiles. There was so much laughter shared by these two, it is simply infectious! :)

Chad & Amy_eshoot001 Chad & Amy_eshoot002 Chad & Amy_eshoot003 Chad & Amy_eshoot004 Chad & Amy_eshoot005 Chad & Amy_eshoot006 Chad & Amy_eshoot007 Chad & Amy_eshoot008 Chad & Amy_eshoot009 Chad & Amy_eshoot010 Chad & Amy_eshoot011 Chad & Amy_eshoot012 Chad & Amy_eshoot013 Chad & Amy_eshoot015 Chad & Amy_eshoot016 Chad & Amy_eshoot017 Chad & Amy_eshoot018AJ6A0320Chad & Amy_eshoot021 Chad & Amy_eshoot022 Chad & Amy_eshoot023 Chad & Amy_eshoot024 Chad & Amy_eshoot025 Chad & Amy_eshoot026 Chad & Amy_eshoot027 Chad & Amy_eshoot028 Chad & Amy_eshoot029 Chad & Amy_eshoot030 Chad & Amy_eshoot031 Chad & Amy_eshoot032Chad & Amy_eshoot034 Chad & Amy_eshoot033 Chad & Amy_eshoot035 Chad & Amy_eshoot036 Chad & Amy_eshoot037 Chad & Amy_eshoot038 Chad & Amy_eshoot039 Chad & Amy_eshoot040 Chad & Amy_eshoot041 Chad & Amy_eshoot042