Eugene contacted me a few months back with the following proposal: He and his girlfriend will be coming to Cape Town in July. He plans to propose to her ON TOP OF TABLE MOUNTAIN. Could I take pictures of this event, without making myself known?

Of course I was up for the challenge! But boy, playing the role of a paparazzi ain’t that easy, yo! Not knowing what the reception would be like on top of the mountain, we had to make very specific plans about meeting at the bottom of the mountain… without actually meeting! Thankfully I managed to get into the queue right behind them, and even ended up standing right next to them, without being able to divulge my identity! And then the stalking began…

I hid behind bushes, pretended to be a tourist… and then, at last, the perfect moment presented itself. Eugene got on to one knee and asked his lovely lady to marry him. To which, of course, she said an emphatic “Yes!”. What a sweet moment, and what an honour to be able to capture it!

We took a few more pictures on the mountain after this, and just managed to make it on to the very last cablecar down!

Two days later, we went for a drive all around the peninsula, taking photographs at some of Cape Town’s iconic outdoor locations. We started shooting at Cape Point soon after sunrise, and ended off at twilight on the beautiful Chapman’s Peak drive. It was a full and fun day of touring and shooting with this beautiful couple!

Eugene & Claressa1 Eugene & Claressa3 Eugene & Claressa4 2016-08-04_00012016-08-04_0002Eugene & Claressa8 Eugene & Claressa9 Eugene & Claressa10 Eugene & Claressa11 Eugene & Claressa12 Eugene & Claressa13 Eugene & Claressa14 Eugene & Claressa15 Eugene & Claressa16 Eugene & Claressa17 Eugene & Claressa18 Eugene & Claressa19Eugene & Claressa21 Eugene & Claressa20 Eugene & Claressa22 Eugene & Claressa23 Eugene & Claressa24 Eugene & Claressa25 Eugene & Claressa26 Eugene & Claressa27 Eugene & Claressa28 Eugene & Claressa30 Eugene & Claressa31 Eugene & Claressa32Eugene & Claressa34 Eugene & Claressa33Eugene & Claressa35 Eugene & Claressa36 Eugene & Claressa38Eugene & Claressa37 Eugene & Claressa39 Eugene & Claressa40 Eugene & Claressa41 Eugene & Claressa42 Eugene & Claressa43 Eugene & Claressa44 Eugene & Claressa46 Eugene & Claressa47 Eugene & Claressa48 Eugene & Claressa49 Eugene & Claressa50 Eugene & Claressa51 Eugene & Claressa52 Eugene & Claressa53 Eugene & Claressa54 Eugene & Claressa55 Eugene & Claressa56 Eugene & Claressa57 Eugene & Claressa58 Eugene & Claressa59 Eugene & Claressa60 Eugene & Claressa61 Eugene & Claressa62 Eugene & Claressa63 Eugene & Claressa64