My husband and I have had the privilege of spending 3 months of our lives in the beautiful land of Nepal. The people are by far the most beautiful thing about this country. I just LOVE looking around at all the interesting and colourful faces. The kids are my absolute favourite! They are truly as beautiful as beautiful gets.

Though there are photographs to be taken everywhere I look, that is not why we came here! Of course I have taken my camera out a few times to make an attempt at capturing what we see. There really is no way I will ever succeed to do this with photographs alone, but at least it gives you a little glimpse into our world right now. Here are a few of my favourite shots from our first month in Nepal.


Faces of Nepal001 Faces of Nepal002 Faces of Nepal003 Faces of Nepal004 Faces of Nepal005 Faces of Nepal006 Faces of Nepal007 Faces of Nepal008 Faces of Nepal009 Faces of Nepal010 Faces of Nepal011 Faces of Nepal012 Faces of Nepal013 Faces of Nepal014 Faces of Nepal015 Faces of Nepal016 Faces of Nepal017