The colours of Nepal, Oh the colours!

Everything is just that bit brighter, deeper and richer in colour.

The gold-rimmed scarlet sarees worn by elderly woman, the paisley curtas and shawls in all colours worn by mothers and children alike and the orange robes worn by tibetan monks.

The buildings painted in royal blue and teal with ornate doors painted in complementary colours.

The acres and acres of emerald rice fields.

The local busses painted on the outside with patterns in rainbow colours and adorned on the inside with colourful tassles and golden beads.

The yellow and green bangles worn on the arms of women and the golden jewels that hang from their ears and necks and noses.

The primary colours of the buddhist prayer flags that decorate the stupas and streets.

The chillies that are redder than ever and the masala, found in mountains high on street corners is a richer tone of mustard than the kind you put on your hot dog.

The earth in a shade of umber that stains the bottom of your feet for days.

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