I can hardly contain my excitement about this shoot. Definitely one of my very very favourites ever!!

Ever since my portrait shoot with Sally on the unfinished bridge in town, I thought that I’d love to come back to do a couple shoot there one day. I’d also dreamt of doing a city-lights shoot with a couple, as up to now most of my night-time experimentation had been with individual people.

When I sat down for a cup of coffee with Francois and Tarryn for the first time, I instantly just fell in love with this couple. They are two beautiful, beautiful people – and that is not just on the outside!! We started to chat about their wedding happening in February, and as I was sitting there getting more and more excited at the prospect of  shooting their wedding, I thought to myself, “I don’t really want to wait that long!”. I spontaneously asked them if they’d be keen to be the subjects of a shoot I’d dreamed of doing, and was of course thrilled when they agreed to my proposal!

They truly were perfect.

Thank you so much guys for your unreserved willingness to get in and out of outfits, cars and elevators; for PDA on busy waterfront bridges, to drive through crazy city traffic and walk around Long Street late at night in order to achieve all my random ideas! My favourite part is the fact that you are so obviously crazy about each other. This makes my photographer heart so very, very happy.

I am so thrilled that you chose me to capture the moment you say your vows to each other in February. I cannot wait!

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