I drove home from Pierre and Limpho’s engagement shoot with such a big smile on my face! There are a few people in this world, whose mere presence has that affect on you, and these two are definitely on that list of people!

From the get-go, it was clear that this shoot was going to be such a fun and natural one. Just as we started to get ready to shoot, Pierre embraced Limpho as tightly as he could and affectionately told her, ‘I like your face!’. From that moment I was just in love with this couple. They are so cute and quirky and full of fun!

I think that the pictures will give you a little glimpse into their easy-going nature and the joy-filled love which they share!

Pierre& Limpho007Pierre& Limpho001Pierre& Limpho0032017-10-23_0032Pierre& Limpho006Pierre& Limpho008Pierre& Limpho009 2017-10-23_0033Pierre& Limpho011Pierre& Limpho014Pierre& Limpho012Pierre& Limpho013 Pierre& Limpho015 Pierre& Limpho016 Pierre& Limpho017Pierre& Limpho018Pierre& Limpho0192017-10-24_0001Pierre& Limpho0202017-10-23_0034Pierre& Limpho021