Right from the beginning, Jan and Marilyn knew that the fuss and drama that can often accompany planning a wedding was not for them. Upon meeting them the first time, I was so excited to hear that they intended to get married on the mountain, surrounded by nature only. An officiator would do the legal bits, and my husband and I would act as witnesses. I am completely in love with the mountains, so this sounded right up my alley!

Sometimes, however, things don’t go exactly as planned. A few days before the proposed wedding date, the weather forecasts warned of a great storm that was going to hit Cape Town precisely on the afternoon of the planned mountain adventure. And wow, what a storm it was!! A hike up the mountain was completely out of the question, so a Plan B (And C, and D) quickly had to be made.

Jan and Maz ended up getting legally married at the home she grew up in. While this was not at all the plan, it ended up being such a sweet and special moment. (And by far the shortest ceremony I’ve ever photographed!)

In a fairly spontaneous last minute decision, we decided that we would still go up the mountain – early the next morning – and the two of them would still say their personal vows to each other on the mountain as they had dreamed.

As the hair and makeup artist had all already been booked for the Friday, it was decided that it would be a shame not to use the opportunity to get some photographs of Marilyn in her lovely wedding dress. I’m glad we did, as Marilyn is super gorgeous and made for such a stunning bride! Marilyn got out of her dress and into casuals again for the official bit, so that Jan would see her in her dress for the first time for their special mountain ceremony the next day.

A very important thank you must go to my wonderful husband Michael who not only joined us on the adventure, but carried all my gear up the mountain sherpa-style. You’re the best!

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Early the next morning…


By far the coolest bouquet toss I’ve ever captured!