Chad and Helen wanted to do something a little bit different for their engagement shoot, so they decided to hire a vintage Mercedes. After getting kicked out of Silvermine by the rangers (Didn’t realise you need a permit to shoot there – oops!) we spontaneously ended up at Chapman’s peak drive for a few more photographs. That place is one of my absolute favourites!! Helen put on a traditional striking red dress for these pictures… It was perfect!

Chad&Helen01 Chad&Helen02 Chad&Helen03 Chad&Helen04 Chad&Helen05 Chad&Helen06 Chad&Helen07 Chad&Helen08 Chad&Helen09 Chad&Helen10 Chad&Helen11 Chad&Helen12 Chad&Helen13 Chad&Helen14 Chad&Helen15 Chad&Helen16 Chad&Helen17 Chad&Helen18 Chad&Helen19 Chad&Helen20 Chad&Helen21 Chad&Helen22 Chad&Helen23 Chad&Helen24 Chad&Helen25 Chad&Helen26 Chad&Helen27