When Judit, a photographer friend of mine who stays in Freiburg in Germany, found out that I’d be coming to her part of the world for a couple of days over their summer, she asked how I’d feel if she organised for us to do a little couple shoot together. I was keen as a bean. Not only did I love an excuse to spend more time with this amazing lady, but I also just love Judit’s golden heart, which comes through in her work, and also the kind of clients she seems to attract – they all seem to have that genuine, relaxed, creative vibe about them!

What I did not know, was just how much of a treat it would be to capture this particular couple which she had organised!

Freshly engaged and vehemently in love, Sina and Niels are about to embark on a four year adventure together across the globe. My kind of people for sure!! Not only are they travellers, but they are also musicians and all-round cuties! They laughed the whole time and were so playful and fun throughout the shoot. My favourite was when Niels brought out the guitar and they started singing together as they spontaneously strolled through the meadow. My heart was doing the jiggy along with them at that point.

I love that this shoot portrays the playful character of Niels and Sina’s relationship. I’m so excited to follow their journey as they trek across the world by land.

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