Karen and Stevie met some years ago, whilst Stevie was on holiday in Cape Town. He is from New Zealand, so much of their relationship has consisted of travelling between the two countries. We took the opportunity to take some engagement photos on Stevie’s last visit to Cape Town. It was SUCH a stunning and warm evening despite being late April. The plan was to take some pictures at Llandudno for sunset, and head to the scenic Chapman’s peak drive for twilight. It was dark by the time we got to Chappies- I had completely underestimated how fast the light would disappear! We agreed to meet up again a few days later to “complete” the shoot. How incredibly lucky were we to get yet ANOTHER incredible warm evening? Two beautiful sunsets, and equally radiant smiles for both. What a stunning couple :)

Sunset magic01 Sunset magic02 Sunset magic03 Sunset magic04 Sunset magic05 Sunset magic06 Sunset magic07 Sunset magic08 Sunset magic09 Sunset magic10 Sunset magic11

Arriving at Chapman’s peak a little too late… We only managed a few shots (with my cellphone torch!) before the light was gone.

Sunset magic172017-05-29_0007

So we went back a few days later…

Sunset magic122017-05-29_00062017-05-29_0005 Sunset magic132017-05-29_0002Sunset magic14Sunset magic152017-05-29_0001