Brandon and Stacey, who live in the States, got engaged whilst they were on holiday at the Kruger Park. To commemorate this special time in their lives, they decided to do an engagement shoot while they were still in the country. With only a few days to go before their departure back home, we had little room for a ‘backup plan” as far as the weather goes! And so, we ended up doing this session in some of the craziest winds. And you know what? It was perfect! You can choose to get frustrated by the wind… or you can embrace it! We chose the latter, and I am so grateful that Brandon and Stacey braved the challenge wholeheartedly! I just love the result!

Brandon & Stacey003Brandon & Stacey004Brandon & Stacey002Brandon & Stacey005Brandon & Stacey006Brandon & Stacey009Brandon & Stacey008Brandon & Stacey0112017-03-14_0040Brandon & Stacey012Brandon & Stacey013Brandon & Stacey014Brandon & Stacey015Brandon & Stacey017Brandon & Stacey019Brandon & Stacey018Brandon & Stacey021Brandon & Stacey022Brandon & Stacey023Brandon & Stacey024Brandon & Stacey025Brandon & Stacey026Brandon & Stacey027