Meeting and capturing people like Adam and Bulelwa is such a blessing. God has created a good thing in these two and granted them such a beautiful love.

A week after their engagement, we got up early to take some pictures whilst watching the sunrise from Rhodes Memorial. We headed to Newlands forest thereafter, a special place for the couple as this is where the two of them used to go for walks and chats when they still lived in Cape Town. I loved getting to know them a little better as we strolled through the gorgeous greenery.

I think you can tell in the pictures how happy they make each other!

Adam & Bulelwa002Adam & Bulelwa001  Adam & Bulelwa003 Adam & Bulelwa004 Adam & Bulelwa005 Adam & Bulelwa006 Adam & Bulelwa007 Adam & Bulelwa008 Adam & Bulelwa009 Adam & Bulelwa010 Adam & Bulelwa011 Adam & Bulelwa012 Adam & Bulelwa013 Adam & Bulelwa014 Adam & Bulelwa015 Adam & Bulelwa016 Adam & Bulelwa017 Adam & Bulelwa018 Adam & Bulelwa019 Adam & Bulelwa020 Adam & Bulelwa021 Adam & Bulelwa022 Adam & Bulelwa023 Adam & Bulelwa024 Adam & Bulelwa025