I often get asked, “don’t you get bored of photographing weddings?”. My honest answer, to this day, is a massive “NO!”

The day that changes, I may re-assess things, but for now I can really say that it brings me such great joy being able to photographically capture such an important day in a couple’s love story!

Each wedding is so different. Sometimes there are 300 guests, other times there are no guests. Lately, I’ve had the privilege of photographing quite a few intimate weddings and elopements, and they have all been so special in their own way.

Martin and Sandra flew down to Cape Town from Germany to get married at the seaside in Bakoven, close to where Sandra grew up. They are such a sweet couple and I could just sense how much they love each other.

After saying their I do’s on the cliffs at Bakoven, we headed to Signal Hill (One of my favourite places in the world!) for a few pictures. I just love the “seaside vintage” inspired Outfits!

Thank you so much to Julia Winkler for assisting me at this lovely shoot!

Martin & Sandra01 Martin & Sandra02 Martin & Sandra03Martin & Sandra05 Martin & Sandra04Martin & Sandra06Martin & Sandra07Martin & Sandra09Martin & Sandra11 Martin & Sandra10 Martin & Sandra12 Martin & Sandra13 Martin & Sandra14 Martin & Sandra15 Martin & Sandra15b Martin & Sandra16 Martin & Sandra18 Martin & Sandra19Martin & Sandra19b Martin & Sandra22 Martin & Sandra24 Martin & Sandra25 Martin & Sandra25b