With the crazy amount of photography we all consume every day via the internet and social media, a lot of us have become so inundated with imagery that we don’t view them with great appreciation anymore.  I can certainly speak for myself when I say that while I have a deep appreciation for all things “pretty”, the kind of beauty that really stands out to me most these days is not the pretty kind at all! It’s the real, the raw, the fragile, the intimate. It’s relationships. It’s love.

That is what I’m finding myself drawn to more and more, and what I’m striving to capture in my work. I want to take pictures that will stand the test of time. Images that will still speak when trends have come and gone.

So I asked my friend KT if I could document her gorgeous family one morning in the school holidays as they just do life in their home. Family is one thing that will always be there. And for this reason, it is something I want to photograph more.

I did not get involved in what happened in front of the lens for this session. I gave no direction. I really wanted to capture something 100% real. Oh my gosh, it was the best thing! I am COMPLETELY in love with this style of shooting, and from now on, all my family shoots will be taken with this approach. I am so happy to say that I have fallen in love with family portraiture again! Thanks darling KT for letting me learn on you guys! You are one of my absolute favourite families everrrrr!