Bringing your newborn home from the hospital is both the most beautiful and frightening thing ever! Having fairly recently experienced this for myself, I remember the feeling well! The infatuation you have with this precious being that was brought into the world through YOU, weighed up against that feeling of complete overwhelmingness with the whole experience and the responsibility that comes with having a newborn in your care!

I loved being invited into that fragile space for this beautiful family, and capturing some portraits of this precious time as new parents! Lukas was an absolute gem throughout the shoot!

Newborn-Lukas01 Newborn-Lukas02 Newborn-Lukas03 Newborn-Lukas04 Newborn-Lukas05 Newborn-Lukas06 Newborn-Lukas07 Newborn-Lukas08 Newborn-Lukas09 Newborn-Lukas10 Newborn-Lukas11 Newborn-Lukas12 Newborn-Lukas13 Newborn-Lukas14 Newborn-Lukas15 Newborn-Lukas16 Newborn-Lukas17