Dani and Damian are both into trail running and mountain biking, so it was very suitable to capture their engagement shoot at one of the locations they regularly come to. As we went for a little stroll that took us slightly off the beaten track, they showed me some of their favourite spots. I am so pleased to have been re-introduced to this beautiful location! I love it so much that I’ve literally been back there again three times since then!

We started shooting before the sun rose, and just had the the most magical light the whole time! I really enjoyed capturing the love and affection that was so evident!

Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest01 2017-07-14_0034Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest05Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest04Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest08 Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest06 Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest07 2017-07-14_0035Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest09Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest12 Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest13 Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest14 Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest15 Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest16 Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest17 Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest18 Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest19 Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest22Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest20 Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest23 Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest24 Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest25 Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest26 Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest27 Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest28 Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest29 Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest30 Dani&Damian_ Cecilia-forest31