From the first email I received from Suret, I just knew I was going to absolutely love her! She is one of those people who radiates sunshine, no matter the weather! So a little rain during their engagement shoot was not going to dampen anyone’s spirits! I was so excited that they were happy to embrace the unpredicted rain- I’d secretly always wished this would happen during one of my shoots, as there is just something magical that happens when it rains!

Christiaan grew up in the Southern Suburbs, so he was all too keen on showing us some spots he remembered from childhood. It’s my absolute favourite when couples are happy to go adventuring a bit in order to shoot in beautiful places. I was blown away at the sheer beauty that we discovered! Sparkling silver trees and rolling mist made for a most beautiful setting in which to capture the love shared by this special couple! I cannot wait to capture the wedding in a few months!

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