Vika and Arsenyi got married in their home country Russia, but decided to take advantage of the breathtaking landscapes of Cape Town where they came for their honeymoon, to do their couple shoot. It was an absolutely magical evening with these newlyweds, and they were just such naturals in front of the camera.

To capture a variety of scenery we shot at three different locations, each one offering something so different!

Vika & Arsenyi00a Vika & Arsenyi001 Vika & Arsenyi004 Vika & Arsenyi004b Vika & Arsenyi005 Vika & Arsenyi006 Vika & Arsenyi007 Vika & Arsenyi008 Vika & Arsenyi009 Vika & Arsenyi010 Vika & Arsenyi011 Vika & Arsenyi012 Vika & Arsenyi014 Vika & Arsenyi015 Vika & Arsenyi016 Vika & Arsenyi017 Vika & Arsenyi018 Vika & Arsenyi020 Vika & Arsenyi021 Vika & Arsenyi023Vika & Arsenyi025 Vika & Arsenyi026 Vika & Arsenyi027 Vika & Arsenyi028 Vika & Arsenyi029 Vika & Arsenyi031 Vika & Arsenyi032 Vika & Arsenyi033 Vika & Arsenyi034 Vika & Arsenyi035 Vika & Arsenyi036